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The Board of Education is an agency of the State of New York and is charged with governing the School District, not with day-to-day administration. Within the powers delegated by law, the Board is the policy-making, or legislative branch of the School District. The Superintendent of Schools is the executive officer charged with responsibility for administering the schools within Board policy. Although its members may not act individually, collectively they are responsible for all things done in the District. The Board exercises this responsibility by proper organization, delegation, and direction through policies adopted.

A meeting of the Board of Education must be conducted in a specified manner because laws and regulations require legal actions and the following of formal procedures. Meetings are for the transaction of the business of your school district. Board members, as your elected officials, exercise their legislative authority. All formal actions of the Board must be conducted at a regular or special Board meeting. A vote of the majority of the Board is needed to pass resolutions.

For information about becoming a Board of Education member, please click here.